Sunday, April 19, 2009

What pens I use

I have another blog at Someone there asked me a question today and I thought you might be interested in my answer:

Comment: I'm mesmerized by your line work....what pens are you using? So steady, your hand.

My answer: Currently I am using Stadtler Mars Professional pens, even though they are not very environmentally conscious. (You have to buy a whole new refill instead of being able to fill the old one with ink.) For a long time I used Rapidiograph pens but I got soooooo frustrated with their spotty performance and how often they clog up. So much mess and expense involved with them -- like owning an Italian car. So I switched to Mars Pro and can't be happier. The ink is basically the same. Occasionally, if I want a variable line, I use a quill pen.

I now use Bristol Smooth paper as well. I've tried every kind of paper and this is my favorite for pen work. Thanks for asking.

Also... Thanks for mentioning my steady hand. Actually, that is one of the problems with pen work like this. My hand is NOT always steady and I sometimes have to wait until it is, putting the work aside for another time. I can't do it when I am tired or too hungry -- my hand shakes. I go very slowly on important parts, take deep breaths and get my head in the "Zone" before I make some long, important lines. Sometimes I practice my line on another piece of paper and, when I feel ready, make the line on my drawing. I now know why Chinese calligraphy is such a mediation tool and practice for martial arts discipline. Its all about inner control.

Thanks to PattyMara's Sacred Heart Cafe for the comment that provoked this answer. You can find PattyMara's site here.

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  1. Will have to check out those pens. You must have great self control & focus! Such beautiful work