Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Two Dozen Hand Painted Cards

It was raining all day yesterday and the day before, such a dreary environment in which to work. My hands are aching from so much drawing (see my black & white Aquatic Bouquet series in previous posts) so I spent the whole evening (that means until two in the morning) making hand-painted cards from some of the incandescently beautiful handmade Langdell paper I have waiting in the bunk room. (I bought way too much of this paper but what can one do? It was like being a sugar addict in a candy shop.)

The batch of cards I made last night are each one-of-a-kind, A6 size, blank inside, printed with my logo on the reverse, hand stamped with archival dye, and hand gilded with my special formula of guache and gold powder. Each one is enclosed in a cello sleeve for protection. Look for them soon in my shops at 1000Markets and Etsy. Unfortunately, it is difficult to photograph these in a way that really shows off the gilding. Each of these looks lovely with the gold shimmering off them in the right light.

Someone told me yesterday that I'm prolific. Really, I just feel happier when I am busily engaged in something creative. Writing, painting, drawing, sewing, teaching, gardening... all these make me happy so I do a lot of them. Things like vacuuming and cleaning the house, however... that's another story.

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