Friday, March 6, 2009

Tiny Art Portfolios

I have become a fan of tiny portfolio's of one's art which can be carried in a purse or satchel. I first learned of this when in Brazil a few years ago. I was hanging out with an artist friend As we chatted with people in a pub, I saw her dig into her purse and bring out a small picture album, open it, and begin showing her new acquaintance photos of her paintings. The next thing we knew, he was asking to see them. We walked to her apartment and showed him her paintings on the wall. She later told me that she sells most of her work that way. Granted, she lives in a tourist area and she is the garrulous type. Still, I thought this was a more immediate way of showing art than sending someone to my website. When I came back home, I put together a tiny portfolio of my own. I used a 5x7 Itoya book with plastic, insertable pages. A few months later, I made a new one out of a classy leather 4x6 photo album with plastic pages. Many times since then, people have asked about my artwork and I've whipped that baby out to show them samples.

Yesterday at my art group, I noticed that a guest artist also had a tiny portfolio in her purse. As she told us about her critiques class, she brought out the portfolio and showed us small, digital photos of the work her class critiqued. This changed the discussion for us completely. Her portfolio was simply a very small sketch book with photos pasted in and her pencilled in notes below. Very simple. Very effective.

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