Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sorting out the Details - Tiny Hand Embellished Gift Enclosures

I have been experimenting with sizes and formats for gift enclosure cards. A couple of days ago I went downtown and asked friends at the Pharmacy, gift shops, and book shop to vote on what styles and sizes they like best. So far this has been only marginally helpful because everyone likes everything. It could be worse. The bookstore wants sets of gift cards. The gift shop wants individuals. I am checking out sizes and envelope availability. The biggest problem, still, is cutting them out. I am dragging my feet about buying an Ellison machine.

Here are some pix of tiny hanging gift cards and individual cards with envelopes. All, of course, are hand gilded and embellished (while watching some Jane Austen flicks.)

Packages of 6 gift tags (2.5in sq) with gold cord. Available for sale here.

Individual 3x3 hand embellished and gilded gift cards on handmade Langdell paper, with envelope. Will be for sale in my Etsy shop when I receive the envelopes.

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