Sunday, March 1, 2009

Paper Crazy

I took a trip up north to Langdell Paper yesterday to stock up on more paper for my handmade kirigami cards. I hit the jackpot! Richard is cleaning out his inventory and agreed to sell me a huge pile of scrap paper (something he never does!) I spent the entire morning today sorting it all out into sizes. What a stash I have now! This will give me a chance to try out lots of different types and see what works where. Yum. (I'm such a paper addict.)
I also drove to Burlington to check out my consignments there and gleaned several new ideas for incorporating embossing into my designs. I can hardly wait to try them.

Here's my new stash, all sorted on the kitchen table.
The stack on the upper and lower right are full sized sheets! (18x24)

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