Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Quotation Card -Step 2

My objective in this step has been to choose the quotation I want and arrange it on the page as it will appear. Thank goodness for a computer, which makes this process so much easier than doing it all by hand!

First I used Photoshop to lay out the exact dimensions of the 5x7 card, times two (It is always easier to paint something bigger.) I did this by drawing columns around the central drawing. This arrangement will be my guide when I begin to paint this design in watercolor. I have lightly shaded this border with colors, just as a guide to myself - a way to see it better. The painting will be entirely different. I will probably widen the border somewhat.Next I must place the words around the border. I used Palatino, a simple, somewhat narrow serif font. It took some time to place the words correctly, widening some and narrowing others, so they fit properly. What you see here is the result of that work. I printed this out on a large piece of 11x17 paper (Thank goodness for a large format printer!) Later, I will trace over these letters to transfer them to the watercolor paper, just so the positioning will be correct. My lettering will, naturally, be more bold and hand-formed -- not so perfect. That's OK with me because the drawn effect seems to look better on cards when letters are this large.

My next step will be to tweak the border's dimensions before transferring the whole design in line form to watercolor paper.

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