Monday, March 2, 2009

Custom Gift Tags & Cards for Boutique

The beautiful and fragrant Thistle Bath & Body asked me to make them some one of a kind gift tags for their shop. This was a welcome diversion from shoveling SNOW. (We are having yet another snowstorm here in frigid Vermont.) I am nearly finished with the kirigami wedding invitations but today I just had to go hog wild playing around with my wonderful new handmade Langdell paper.

The gift tags are 3x3 inch folded squares cut from every kind of paper. Each one is hand stamped and hand gilded. This project has convinced me to move forward with my plan to purchase an Ellison prestige die cutting machine instead of measuring and hand cutting all my cards. I will be able to focus on the custom embellishments that are the hallmark of my work instead of the tedious, repetitive parts.

Here are some pictures of the gift cards. Most of them haven't been strung with ribbon yet. As you see, my workspace has become pretty darn messy. One would think that being housebound would mean more cleaning instead of less. But cabin fever produces a strange ennui that only sunny beaches can cure. Will I ever get there this year?