Friday, March 6, 2009

Considering a Die-cutting Machine

I have been thinking of acquiring an Ellison Prestige machine to take care of some of the tedious, repetitive parts of card-making and kirigami cutting. I searched forever for a die-cutting machine more substantial than the hobby machines you find at craft stores, yet not some industrial deal like the Clicker. The Ellison machines are made for schools and are intended for heavy use on smaller projects with paper, leather, cloth, and light plastic. It would be great to find one used. Otherwise I will save up for a new one, along with some custom dies. That's the beauty of this machine. The company has a custom die service, so I can create durable dies for nearly any design I want. Also, this is a medium-weight table model, unlike the Clicker, which needs an air compressor and strong men to lift it. I need to check out the elementary school and see one in action.

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