Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Signature Symbol

I mentioned in earlier posts that I would explain my signature symbol, present on most of my artwork. This is an emblem I work into most of my paintings (all of them now.) You can see this most easily on my black and whites, usually somewhere near the bottom of the painting.

I began using this after I had an awesome dream about an old Native American Indian dancing in a circle of light. He was dancing for me and to me with a message about my life. This symbol is the visual representation of part of that dream.

This symbol represents myself and my children. The square is stability. Inside are two arcs, which make an Eye. The lower one is a stylized "C" for Cynthia. The iris of the eye is a stylized "E" for Emerlye. I often fill in the E with black. The "eyelashes" are six rays of light coming off the eye. These are my six children.
When I dreamed this, I saw an old Indian dancing. He stepped out of the circle six times. His foot traced six rays of light outward, which became my children.

Although I have a signature on the front and back of my paintings, I like to include this symbol as well, as a kind of stamp on my work. It reminds me of Chinese signature stamps, which I like.

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