Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mother Earth Father Sky

I have begun to make giclee prints of some of my older work. This one is a small 5x7 inch of an original colored pencil work. It was made into a greeting card by a now defunct card company and has reverted back to my ownership. This design was also liscenced by a tee shirt company several years back. They made many thousands of shirts with this image on the front. It was very cool to actually see one walking around when I was in Boston one day! I wanted to go up to the man and say, "I made that!" (but of course I didn't.)

Shown here are the giclee print (below) and a thumbnail version for promo purposes(above.) You can find the print for sale in my shop at here.

Oh yes. The presentations at the Library last night went very well. I always like a good "Show and Tell."

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