Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Custom Kirigami Wedding Invitations-gilding

Well, I've finished printing, folding, hand stamping and hand gilding all the wedding invitations. These were printed on Neenah recycled natural white linen paper with navy blue ink. (I usually use tradtional black, gray, or sepia text. The navy looks very nice) Hand stamping is done with dye-based ink in blue-gray and light gray-green to coordinate with the blue. I gild these with a home concoction of gold gouache mixed with gold raw pigment and a little binder to hold it together. This makes a beautiful, heavily saturated gilding without actually using shell gold. I hand paint the gilding onto the stamped areas. Every one is unique, as I can't seem to make myself do any one design for very long. This photo doesn't do the gilding justice.

Now comes the actual hand cutting, which I will begin tonight. I will probably make a big push and cut four per night so I can get these done by early next week. Normally I only cut three or four per four-hour sitting. I can't really cut for more than four hours at a time or my hands hurt. Precious daylight is reserved for painting, so I mostly cut in the evenings while watching a DVD.

Come back often and see how this and other projects are progressing.

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