Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wedding Design

Here is the final version of the wedding design I did for a newly married couple. Beneath (but not shown here) their names are printed with the following sentiment, which explains the symbolism in this design.

A House Blessing
The foundation of this house is a square, representing stability. Its four corner stones are relationship to Self, Partner, Family, and Friends. Inside is a circle made from the twining of herbs and spices. Robert is Rosemary, which both stimulates and soothes. Its sturdy stalk is abundant with flavorful leaves, plain at a distance but silvery beneath. Its inviting aroma is one of groundedness. Beside him winds Kelly, the chili pepper, hot and spicy, energizing from within. Cayenne is perhaps the best tonic a body can take. These two, gathered with a ribbon of commitment, form a circular nest. This is an eternal home which comforts and protects its precious contents: Rosebuds for new love and Lilly of the Valley for return to happiness. Blessings for a joyous and flavorful life!

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