Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I will be featured in "Chic Geek" tomorrow

I just recceived notice from Delia, a blogozine writer, who will be including my kirigami hearts in her piece about Valentine's Day. Here's what she wrote:

Hi! My name is Delia from Market[Store(Shoppe)]. I write the bi-weekly style column, Chic Geek, for the blogozine Fierce and Nerdy at www.fierceandnerdy.com. I have featured one of your Etsy items with a link to your store in my column about Valentine's Day this week! It runs tomorrow, Wednesday the 28th of Jan at 10am PST. I'm writing to let you know I adore your store and to encourage you to send the link to your email lists, post to myspace, facebook, etc. tomorrow in order generate more hits and sales for everyone featured. When properly advertised, I've been known to crash the magazine's site because of so many hits!

So please check out the article, any time after 10am Pacific time, which is 2pm eastern time, tomorrow. I will be interested to see what's there.

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