Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Paper

I have been struggling for a while to find the right paper for my kirigami work. Finally, a few days ago, I made a big leap forward. I traveled to Woburn, MA to a paper distributor on the way to my mother's house and actually talked to the manager about my needs: a very bright white paper that is also very smooth and lightweight while still being opaque and which comes in a tabloid size. A tall order. He sold me Report multi-purpose, a 20 lb blue-white, very fine paper. It was a tad stiff, so I worried that it would be difficult to cut or its creases wouldn't iron out well. But with very sharp scissors it works fine. Finally, my large, frame-able mandalas have better paper. I always used acid-free but now I have denser, whiter paper as well. I liken it to the difference between regular cotton and Egyptian cotton fabric.

Now lets see what I can create.

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