Thursday, October 2, 2008

Two Daisies - My process

I am working on a new black and white ink painting called "Two Daisies." I thought you might be interested in my process.
1. Pencil Sketch: First, usually at night in front of a movie, I make a detailed pencil sketch of my subject, sometime right out of my head and sometimes with reference flowers or photos. Most 8x10 sketches take me three to five hours to perfect.

2. Line Drawing: Next I make a line drawing with a permanent ink pen right over the pencil sketch. When done, I erase the pencil and clean up the paper. This generally takes two hours.

3. Digitize: I then scan my line drawing into photoshop and clean it up a bit. (This means adjusting tiny details and mistakes which might be noticeable after printing.) I adjust the brightness, contrast, etc. and then print out a full size line version on art paper. Usually I also make another printed version in very light gray on watercolor paper in case I want to paint the drawing.

4. Paint: I then paint in all the black areas by hand. This takes about two hours. This is the original final.

5. Digital Formats: I then scan in the filled version and again clean it up in Photoshop. This means I adjust the contrast, straighten the edges, perhaps format it in several sizes (if I'm going to make cards of this image, I format it to A7 size.) I usually invert the image at this stage to see what it looks like in the negative. If I like that version, I save it. The image is now numbered for my personal inventory system. This whole digitizing process takes a few hours, depending on how many versions I create.

6. Print: The image is now ready to be printed as giclees in several sizes on my large, professional Epson printer.

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