Monday, October 27, 2008

Trees and Fishes

8x8in Kirigami Mandala, non-laminated at this time and therefore frame-able.

This papercut is a continuation of the pregnancy series. It depicts a man and a woman holding a sun. The woman is pregnant with a flower in her belly. Fishes swim inside them (abundance, Christian spirituality, nature) and trees (strength, wisdom, growth, nature) are at their backs and connect them. In the center is a star.
A note on mounting papercuts:
These images show two different layout versions of the same papercutting. When looking for how to mount a mandala, I hold it up to a mirror or stand far away and look at the overall shape rather than the specific motifs. If the shape appears more square than round (sometimes an optical illusion) then it is better for it to appear as a diamond than a square and should be turned sideways. See what other hidden motifs appear at different angles. Do you want to see a celtic cross or an "x"?

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