Friday, October 24, 2008

A New Kirigami Direction

As you know, 'tis the season for papercutting. Many years ago I began cutting paper snowflakes as a holiday activity. Later I hosted a "snowflake party" which has become an annual event - a huge, day-long open house where people come with their scissors and cut snowflakes. It is fun to see them in windows all over town. A few years ago, I began laminating my snowflakes so they would last more than one season. Many people wanted these and I began selling them. This year I discovered Etsy, a marvelous online website for all things handmade and I opened a little Etsy Kirigami shop. Now people from other states, Canada, and Europe have bought my snowflakes, now called Kirigami mandalas. On Etsy I met other cutters and have joined the Guild of American Papercutters. Now for me papercutting is the hobby I am passionate about. Every night in the fall and winter I sit with a video or recorded book and cut paper.

This week my kirigami work evolved yet again. I have been experimenting with bi-fold cutting or mirror image. Instead of folding the paper several times to make a complex mandala (or snowflake) design, the paper is folded only once. This opens up the number of shapes that can be produced but the cutting takes two to three times as long to produce! This method also allows for heavier, more durable paper to be used. I am still experimenting with that.

I will be posting new kirigami bi-folds, as well as other work, here daily, so please come visit often.

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