Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Recent Hand Cut Kirigami

Each December, in celebration of the holidays, I host a "Snowflake Party." Dozens of people gather at my Vermont home to cut paper snowflakes, chat, and eat. Its a wonderful, creative tradition.

Normally, I start cutting kirigami snowflakes, cards, and mandalas to frame in the fall. Each evening, when the day is done, I sit down and watch a movie and cut paper.

Most of you will know Origami, the art of folded paper. Kirigami is paper that is both folded and cut. I've been cutting snowflakes for decades now and have recently begun laminating them for sale. My cards are a fun little passtime as well. Kirigami is a nice change of pace from painting, something relaxing to do -- like knitting.

My papercuts are sold at my party, in local shops, and on Etsy (www.EmerlyeArtsKirigami.etsy.com) Here are a few of the things I've been cutting:

To visit my kirigami shop, click here.

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