Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Gearing Up to make Giclee Prints

I have been wanting to have giclee prints made of some of my work and, after poking around a bit for prices, I discovered that an archivist friend was actually selling his old printer -- a hulking Epson professional -- and I bought it! I still have to figure out how to get it up to my second floor studio (my driveway is still hopelessly snow-bound) and onto something sturdy enough to hold it.

I have decided to take over what has been the "bunk room," a spare bedroom next to my studio, in order to expand. I am hopelessly indecisive, though, and the problem of whether to keep the bunk in there or put it in the small bedroom still has me flummoxed. I need to build a large work table or stand for the printer, places to store framed or stretched work, and more storage space for all the "art stuff" I've accumulated. I would rather simply spend my days making art than organizing, record-keeping, preparing work, and selling. There is so much more to the business of making art than painting.

I suppose all this is a good development. I have -- or will soon have -- a professional printer. I will have more studio work space and hopefully more storage space. Here are pix of my studio as it is now and the bunk room space I'm expanding into. (My new large-format scanner is still in the box on the floor!) These two rooms are connected by a small passageway.

Slowly but steadily moving forward....

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